Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower has become a favorite in the low carb world. Rice, pizza crust, mashed "potatoes", pancakes...To be honest, I think that sometimes these healthier substitutions end up being too much of sacrifice on flavor or texture. This cauliflower rice however, has been just as satisfying in all of the dishes I have served it with. The secret to make this successful is to not overcook the cauliflower so it still has some of that chewy texture that rice has. Some of the recipes ask for it.

Cauliflower rice  

What you will need:



  1. In a food processor pulse the cauliflower florets until it resembles rice. Careful not to over do it and end up with the pieces too small


  2. Dice the garlic and onions and fry it in a pan with the oil of your preference until fragrant.


  3.  Before the garlic and onion browns add in the cauliflower and season it with salt. Cover and pan and let it cook for about 5-7 min until it softens but still holds shape and has texture.



Serve it as a side to your favorite dishes or as a base to any rice recipes.

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  • Lailie Moore

    I always mess up cauliflower rice but this time it worked out! Yay!!
    Don’t add any water people!

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