Keto Dark Chocolate Brownies

If you are a chocolate lover, you probably love brownies too! We love everything chocolate at our house, so you can imagine how long these brownies lasted around here... I like a more fudgy and dense type of brownie, so making them with almond flour actually worked for my advantage in this recipe.

I always like to look for balanced flavors, or contrasting flavors in my recipes. A touch of sea salt flakes right on top of these was pure magic! But of course, not everyone enjoys that so feel free to leave the salt flakes out and add whatever topping you prefer. I would just recommend using less sweetener if you add anything like chocolate chips so your brownies don't turn out too sweet.  


picture of chocolate keto sugar free gluten free  brownies


They turned out great! Amazing chocolate flavor and the texture was exactly how we like it, a little dense and fudgy. There are a couple of tricks to getting a brownie right. First, you want to use chocolate and not cocoa powder; this is what gives us that thin crispier layer on top. I melted my chocolate with avocado oil, but you can use butter or coconut oil as well. Just keep in mind that these alternatives are more solid at room temp or when in the fridge so this will change the texture of your brownie once it is cooled or if put in the fridge.

I used about 1 cup of sweetner but I honestly think that 2/3 cup would work too. It just depends on how much of a dark chocolate flavor you want and how much sweetness you want.

 I like making fresh nut milk, and these are great with Almond milk or Hazelnut milk. Fresh Hazelnut milk is our favorite! And it is so easy to make. I will make sure to share another blog about the process of making your own nut milk!

keto gluten free dark chocolate brownie texture  picture

keto dark chocolate brownie picture


Keto Brownies - 12 servings

What you will need:


  1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees and line a 8x8 inch pan with parchment paper

  2. Over a water bath, melt together the chocolate and oil or choice of butter. Keep whisking until it is all melted and well incorporated. Set aside and allow it to cool for a bit

  3. Beat together eggs and sweetener until sweetener is well dissolved into the eggs. Add in the cooled chocolate and beat until just incorporated. 

  4. Add the almond flour and salt and mix until fully blended. Careful not to over mix it. 

  5. Bake it on the lower third part of the oven for 15-18 min. The cooking time varies from oven to oven and it depends on how you like your brownies. Check it at min 15 and keep it in the oven longer if you like a less fudgy brownie. If you do like a fudgy brownie you would want to take it out of the oven when the center is barely set.

  6. Allow it cool completely on a cooling rack and cut it into desired sizes (I have done bigger brownies and got 9, or slightly smaller and got 12)


If you cut them into 12 brownies, they each have 1.5 net carbs only! ( This also depends on what type of sugar free chocolate you use. I use Lily's)



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  • Iris Zoom

    Finally I good keto brownie! I have tried many different ones and this one did it! Thank you!

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