Keto//Gluten Free Orange Flan (Low Carb Orange Pudim)

This dessert is very close to my heart! I grew up eating it and it is very traditional in any Brazilian gathering and holidays. Known to us as "Pudim de Leite", it is traditionally a custard made with sweetened condensed milk and cooked in bain-marie. There are different versions of this dessert in different countries and here in the U.S it is more popularly known as flan. keto sugar free gluten free low carb pudim de leite flan with caramel sauce

The process of making this flan is very simple! It is a basic custard made with eggs, milk, cream and sweetener. I used vanilla extract and orange zest to flavor this one. But this is totally optional, and you can just make a traditional custard without these flavorings. I promise you it is just as delicious!

For the sweetener, erythritol based sweeteners won't work here because of the recrystatizalion that can happen with these type of sweeteners. Xylitol or Allulose are the best options, as they caramelize like sugar and will not mess up with the texture of the custard or the caramel once cooled.

keto sugar free low carb flan pudim de leite

I like making desserts individual sizes here at the house. This way we don't end up with a lot of dessert or a lot of one kind of the same dessert. I mean, we always have a little something sweet around here, so this way we can always have something different! You will need two or three small ramekins for this, but you can also use a medium size container that is oven proof.

Keto//Gluten Free//Low Carb Orange Flan - 3 individual Servings

What you will need:


  1. Pre-heat oven to 320 degrees. In a small pan melt the sweetener with half of the orange peel on medium heat until golden. Pour it into your ramekins or container of choice and let it cool while your make the custard.


  2. In a bowl mix together the eggs, egg yolks, sweetener and vanilla extract. If using a hand mixer, mix it on low for about 4 minutes. Make sure the sweetener is well dissolved into the eggs but don't let it froth


  3. Add the milk, cream and orange peel to a pot and warm it a little on low heat. Don't let it get too hot. You don't want to scramble the eggs.


  4. Slowly pour the milk mixture into the eggs mixture mixing it together. Once fully combined, pour it into the ramekins with the caramel.


  5. Add the ramekins or container of choice to a baking pan and fill it half way with boiling water. Cover it with foil and bake it for 15-20 minutes. You want the custard to be set but not too firm. The cooking temp varies from oven to oven, so check it at minute 15 and just keep an eye on it from then on.


  6. Let it cool and enjoy!!


  • Maya R.

    Can’t wait to make this one! Looks delicious

  • Ricardo Penido

    Olá Aline, boa tarde!!!
    Estou aqui com sua mãe, a vovó Clara, a mais coruja, rsrs… ela me apresentou seu trabalho e fiquei muito impressionado. Você deve transformar isso em um negócio e se preparar para o sucesso estrondoso que vira!

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