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Keto//Gluten Free Cheesy Bread Rolls

This one is a simple twist on our traditional bread rolls (Diet Doctor Rolls). It couldn't be any easier  or faster to make, really! In 15 minutes you can have these in the oven and in less than an hour be able to enjoy them! These bread rolls really have an amazing texture and crumb. The added cheese gives it an amazing flavor and also makes the texture even better! I sometimes like to season mine with a little garlic salt, for a cheesy garlic twist. I added a mixture of asiago, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses but any cheese would work great! There are also different options you can make from this recipe, adding bits of bacon for example, different...

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Gluten Free//Keto Coxinhas

Coxinha is a very popular street food, snack and party treat in Brazil. They are one of the first things I want to eat whenever I go back there and I am yet to meet one person who does not love them! They are absolutely addicting. Crispy layer on the outside, velvety dough in the middle and creamy chicken filling. Typically the dough is made from flour, milk, chicken broth and sometimes potatoes. The creamy cheesy chicken filling is added and they are made into a tear drop shape, before being breaded and then fried! I mean, how could this not be delicious?? But talk about carbs, on carbs, on carbs... Being such a popular treat, there are many healthy...

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Keto//Gluten Free Crackers

These crackers are sooo easy to make! I feel like I say this a lot about my recipes, but really, these are actually pretty easy to put together. Crackers are such a simple little snack, I wasn't even going to dedicate a whole post for them (poor crackers!) BUT they are very delicious and I had a few people asking for the recipe. So, I decided to just go ahead and share it with you guys! Besides, who doesn't love a little crunchy cracker to go along with some spread, pate, or cheese? I see a lot of cheese crisps in our keto world, and they are great!! But if I want to experience the cheese texture, I need some...

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