Hi there! I’m Alline - founder of VidaFoods. My educational background is in Public Health and Nutrition. My passion is creating wholesome nutrient dense foods and sharing it with people. Vidafoods is the combination of both these worlds. I offer Food and Nutrition consultation services, and also have a local specialty bakery for people with specific dietary restrictions or guidelines.
A little back story of how VidaFoods was created: I had always fluctuated between eating healthy and indulging for long periods of time. Although I was never considered obese or severely overweight, throughout my 20s I would gain and lose the same 10-15 lbs. At 28 years old I got pregnant with my first daughter and gained a lot of weight. I had what they called an obese pregnancy and had several delivery complications for that reason. This was a very scary and eye opening experience for me. At about 8 weeks postpartum I decided that I needed to find a better balance and improve my relationship with the foods I put in my body. After doing a lot of research I decided to focus on eating nutrient dense whole foods with targeted ketogetic macronutrients. I was able to lose 70 lbs in 10 months without feeling restricted in any way. I felt energetic, healthier and better than ever. Most importantly, I felt in control of my own health.
My interest in creating foods that would fit my new lifestyle became an obsession and I started to share my creations with friends and family. My interest in Nutrition also grew, and I decided to enroll in a 18-month Holistic Nutrition course. During this time I created VidaFoods to share the foods I was enjoying to create as well as the information I was able to learn and implement in my daily life.
My goal with VidaFoods is to help people find their own balance and take steps towards being a better version of themselves through improving personal health. It is incredible how much we can change our bodies inside and out and how we feel, by simply being mindful and understanding our own bodies. Not only that, how many diseases, pains, discomfort we can avoid and even revert by simply changing or adapting our eating habits.
Food is not only medicine, it is prevention. Let’s work together in finding your own unique health style while still enjoying delicious food and feeling better than ever!